Where To Go Fly Fishing In New Zealand

If you are planning on going fly fishing in New Zealand, you are truly spoilt for choice. There are so many
wonderful locations in the fly fishing guides, both in the North Island and the South Island, that the
problem is not finding a few good ones, but ruling out ones that in any other country would be your first choice.

Here are a few top locations that will guarantee you great sport, and always the possibility of a monster catch.

The North Island has what are arguably the largest wild rainbow trout anywhere. Rotorua is a magnet for fly
fishermen. There are some wonderful rivers and streams, such as the Rangitaiki, the Whirinaki, and the Waihou, but the numerous lakes in the region are the place for big fish. More 10 lb+ fish are caught here than in any other part of the country.

Then, of course, there is Lake Taupo, which is in the centre of the island, and where fly fishing nz really took off over 100 years ago. Many tributaries feed the lake, perhaps the most impressive being the Tongariro River. Flowing in the Hawke’s Bay and Wellington areas in the lower North Island are hundreds of kilometres of large rivers and tributaries. Mostly rain-fed and rising in the hills, they are best fished in the middle and upper reaches.

On the central area of the South Island, there are waters on both sides of the Southern Alps where and-locked salmon in the large lakes there are the bulk of the catch, especially in the east. On the western side, according to the fly fishing guides, the rainfall is much higher and the rivers tend to be short and faster flowing, but whatever your choice, you are certain of a good catch. In the southern part of the South Island lies the Mataura which offers over 100 kilometres of ideal dry fly water. Some of the rivers here flow so strongly that they are only fishable in the driest parts of the year, but there are also many lakes around the remote Fiordland.

At the top of the South Island is the Nelson Marlborough area which contains three large national parks. This is recognised as the top brown trout area in the country. The fish are not easy to catch here, and will test the skill of the finest anglers. Whether your choice is the
North Island or the South, you are sure of wonderful scenery, and the fly fishing nz experience of a lifetime.

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Luxury In Queenstown New Zealand

Major Domo are located in Queenstown but service the whole of New Zealand when it come to luxury.


They offer stunning holiday homes for rent, and a selection of weekend getaways that are sure to entice. Please visit Major Domo to view there selections of properties for rent

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Which Queenstown Hotel Should I Stay At?

With so many accommodation options in Queenstown it can be a minefield to try and work out where to stay. Utilizing trip Adviser can be a really good way to go as they offer real reviews of people who have stayed at the hotel or accommodation provider you might be considering visiting.

If you are looking for middle of the road accommodation in the apartment or hotel range the visit The Rees Queenstown Hotel & Apartments.

Below is a couple of photos of The Rees which is sure to entice!


And the BAR!

the Rees Hotel In Queenstown's Bar

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Visiting Queenstown And Need some where to stay

We are right at the beginning of the Winter Festival here in Queenstown New Zealand. We have bee very fortunate to get a ton of snow in the past two weeks which has really set us up for a text book festival, and a kicking winter. Check it here www.winterfestival.co.nz and watch this video. then moving on to our Queenstown accommodation providers.

With Multiple accommodation suppliers in Queenstown it is pretty difficult where to start. The following are a list of accommodation providers that I can recommend with out hesitation. The first is Villa del Lago Queenstown Apartment Accommodation situated on Frankton Road just five minutes from Queenstown. They specialize in apartment type accommodation and offer stunning lake views and as mentioned very close to town. You can check out there website here Villa Del Lago Apartments.


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Holiday Homes And Motels, Spolit for choice in Queenstown

I think Queenstown has more Accommodation providers and Restaurants than any other town or city per capita in New Zealand. Not a bad thing I guess unless you own one!

Jokes aside, in this post i will cover two of the accommodation providers that i can recommend when visiting Queenstown. If you haven’t been to this rocking town, check out the video below.


So moving on, Goodstays  is the Holiday Homes specialists here in Queenstown. With there vitual booking system it is so darn easy to book yourholiday home on online, your child could do it. They have the largest supply of homes and apartments for short term rental in the Queenstown area so there will be something that suit your needs. Check out there site here  at Goodstays Queesntown.

Moving on tooQueenstown Motels, if that is more what you are after. Hurleys Queenstown Motel Apartments is located five minutes walk from Queenstown and offers a 4 star rating. the owners are lovely people and will do there best to make your stay in Queenstown a momorable one. You can visit there site here  Hurleys Queenstown.

A must for all tourists in Queenstown is www.queenstownnz.co.nz

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Ripping around in a Jetboat!!

One thing you have to do when hitting Queenstown is get in a Jet boat. Thunder Jet the Queenstown Jetboating company leave from the wharf several times ayear and blast up the what we call the K river.

Check it out

SO just another thing to do in Queenstown any time of the year. If you are going on this ride in winter then please where what what you would where if you weer to go skiing, because dam it gets cold!!

Check out www.thunderjet.co.nz for more info

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